Water sports in Ibiza: The best option to have a great time

Have you already started thinking about your summer vacation ? If you are looking for fun, the water sports in Ibiza , in addition to the beauty offered by the most lively island in the entire Mediterranean, will be ideal for living the days of rest and joy you deserve. Know them in this note!

Various water sports await you in Ibiza

In recent years, water sports in Ibiza have become one of the most acclaimed attractions for visitors.

The pleasant temperature of the island and its calm beaches, make it the right destination for water sports throughout the summer. The ideal is to rent a boat to enter the different places of the White Island and enjoy in company or alone the sporting action you prefer!

Top 5 water sports in Ibiza to enjoy to the fullest

Although there are an infinite number of recreational and sports options to enjoy the island, in Ibiza boats we highlight 5 for being the most acclaimed and fun.

Take note and choose the activity that best suits your preferences!


In this sport the sailing table takes center stage and, although at first glance, its manipulation seems to require great physical vigor, the technique surpasses physical strength.

It is real that a certain period of learning is required to develop it properly, but once you advance and master the practice you will love it and you will find yourself doing great jumps and pirouettes in the waves!


Without a doubt this activity is the new fashion of the Ibiza beaches . It only requires your balance to stay on the board and be able to move with the help of the paddle or shovel without falling into the water. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea and the landscape while doing sports.


The excellent visibility of the waters of Ibiza makes diving the ideal sporting activity for lovers of marine fauna that includes species such as sargos, barracudas, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters, moray eels and many more.

In certain areas, it is possible to reach and enjoy coral, sponge and Posidonia meadows. Rent a boat to go diving all over the island , it can become your dream trip.


It consists of a snowboard style board with two jet jets that cause power to fly over the waters. Yes, literally propel yourself over the sea! You just have to train your balance not to fall. Fun and sports adrenaline guaranteed!


One of the water sports in Ibiza most chosen by adrenaline and speed lovers . This is the latest trend in water scooters that is characterized by safety and easy handling: A table on which you must lie down and hold on two handles that are located on each side of the front to be able to handle it

In Ibiza Boats we have boat rentals of all kinds so you can do the water sports in Ibiza that you like best. Contact us !

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