Why rent a catamaran in Ibiza will be an unforgettable experience?

If there is something in the world that we can assure you is the following: You will never regret visiting Ibiza. And if during your stay you decide to rent a catamaran, yacht or sailboat, you’ll spend much better! It happens that this option will give you much more to see, try and experience than if you limit yourself to visit the coast like the rest of the tourists.

Here we will tell you why really your holiday days can be completely different and wonderful in Ibiza and its surroundings.

You can isolate yourself from the world … really

If you want to spend days of complete relaxation and wonderful nights at the cooing of the waves, you must rent a catamaran, since you will not get it in a hotel on land. Urban noise, the coming and going of residents and visitors and the agitation of the port cities can be very stimulating, but if you are looking for refuge in a bubble of calm and beauty, there is nothing better than embarcarte. Once you try, you will not want to stop.

Boring? Impossible!

On a catamaran there is more to do than you can imagine. In addition to swimming, diving and water sports, you can organize games and competitions in which your guests participate, organize an afternoon cinema on deck and of course, take course to all corners of Ibiza and Formentera.

If your thing is to spend more calm, you do not have to worry, because on board you will have air conditioning, bar, television, steam bath and more to give you full rest without limitations and most important, without interruptions.

You’ll see what nobody

If you want to know the most hidden corner of the island, you should encourage you to sail, because you will not get it if you always postpone it and stay on land. On board your own ship you can design an itinerary to the extent that allows you to discover from a hidden coral bank where you can snorkel or snorkel, to a charming corner somewhere in the nearby coasts.

Here you can stop for a while and discover unsuspected wonders at a local antique shop or eat a homemade seafood dish whose charm has passed from generation to generation without anyone being able to decipher its secret. So you already know, embark and decide to create your own magical experience.

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