Tips for renting a yacht in Ibiza and enjoying the Mediterranean

Whether you have decided to live the experience of renting a yacht in Ibiza for the first time, or whether you already have some experience in the matter, it is always useful to inform yourself before making any choice. It is true that the coves and landscapes of Ibiza are very seductive for those who take the time to discover them , and from the water, the experience becomes much more extraordinary. Knowing the island by sailing the Mediterranean is an experience that you will surely add to your best trips.

If you have evaluated the different options of boats that you could rent for your trip, and you think that a yacht may be the ideal option , keep reading! Next we will see the most important tips that you should take into account to rent the perfect Yacht for you and your companions, and launch yourself to enjoy this beach paradise.

The Yacht is a Private boat, which differs from other options such as catamarans or sailboats that are also used for charter and Day charter. Their advantage is that they combine all the comfort and convenience of sailboats, with the speed of boats . It is one of the options where you will find more luxury, to make your vacation a five-star experience. Whether you want the nautical charter for a day, or for a little more, pay attention to the following tips before renting your yacht.

What model of rental yacht do you want? 

The first step in the process of renting a yacht to tour Ibiza, is to review the available models and select the one you like the most, according to the requirements of your trip. If it is a couple’s vacation, perhaps renting a medium speedboat between 40 and 60 feet in length, fast and sporty, can work very well. If instead you consider taking vacations with family or your group of friends, there are yacht charter options of lengths More than 60 feet with 3, 4 and up to 5 cabins, which can comfortably accommodate a group of up to twelve people.

Do you need to hire a crew?

For some of the travelers who dream of visiting Ibiza, relaxation and contemplation of the landscapes is a priority. But others prefer to take the helm with their bare hands and navigate a free course. Whether or not you hire a Skipper for your navigation will depend on if you have the necessary nautical qualifications to command the boat you have chosen.

In Ibiza the majority of the boats from ten or eleven meters in length onwards are rented with a captain and crew on a compulsory basis, since in high season the maritime area between Ibiza and Formentera is very busy and even with a PER certificate (Skipper of pleasure boats) or higher, extensive experience in navigation and knowledge of the islands is needed to command boats or yachts of medium or large length.

So that the holidays are really vacations and to be able to anchor with peace of mind without feeling responsibility for the boat, an experienced skipper who presents a professional qualification, is always the best option, he can accompany you throughout your journey, guaranteeing your comfort and safety

Do you have to pay for the port?

In addition to the nautical charter rate that corresponds to the boat you have decided to rent, it is important that you pay attention to other details that they may be associated. Most of the yachts and boats include mooring in the base port which can be in Ibiza Magna, Marina Botafoch or Marina Ibiza, the latter being the most exclusive. But it is always important to ask if it is included in the price general or you must pay it independently. The yacht you choose may have a permanent mooring point in Ibiza, or only be handled with port fees for embarkation and disembarkation.

It is also useful to verify other expenses that can be handled as extras. Examples of them are cleaning, the use of the zodiac, Bedding (sheets and towels), among others. Generally, rental boats usually include amenities to receive you , such as a welcome pack with welcome appetizers, champagne, wine, softdrinks, snacks and of course water.

Is it important to book in advance?

We know that if you are thinking of renting a yacht to tour the white island from the Mediterranean itself, you will be eager to live extraordinary adventures, But don’t leave everything to chance! Renting the boat in which you will live that fantastic day or days is something that you should take with some planning .

Ideally, you should consult your trusted company about the different models of boats available for nautical charter, and book in advance the yacht that you like. In most cases, an advance payment of 20% to 50% of the rental price is requested, as a reservation.

What about the Policy of Cancellation?

Another element that you should pay attention to before reserving your boat is the cancellation policy. Keep in mind that this tourist service is quite seasonal, because in the summer months when Ibiza shows its best face. In this sense, cancellation policies without just cause can be strict. Check your availability very well on the date you choose, to minimize the risk of problems. Of course, if an event occurs linked, for example, to the weather, your tour will be rescheduled.

Before finalizing the rental of your yacht in Ibiza, try to clear up all the doubts that arise , both in the operation itself, the boat, its services and conditions, as well as about destiny. If you spend some time investigating, you will find that Ibiza is a true paradise of sea and sand, in which there are many magical corners to discover.

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