The most beautiful sunsets in Ibiza that you can not miss

The sunsets in Ibiza are something unique, nowhere else can you enjoy such sunsets. The island has corners to which millions of tourists travel every year, one of the reasons being its sunsets.

Discover the best sunsets in Ibiza

Although the island has become world famous for its parties and relaxed atmosphere, Ibiza hides other secrets. The colors of the sky, its crystal clear waters and the Ibizan sunsets are spectacular.

If you are going to travel to Ibiza, take note of the following places to enjoy the best sunsets of the whole planet.

Anchor in Benirrás

On the beach of Benirrás you will live a different experience. This beach is one of the best known on the island because of its hippy atmosphere and natural beauty. Surrounded by a wooded environment, its crystal clear waters are the perfect setting to watch the sunset.

Every evening a group of island enthusiasts gather to dismiss the day to the sound of the drums. Seeing how the sun goes down accompanied by the party of the drums is an experience that you can not miss.

Anchored in Cala Comte

Considered one of the best beaches on the island, in Cala Comte the sunsets in Ibiza become magical. When you look towards the horizon, the sun’s descent is accompanied by the silhouettes of small islands and islets. All this forms a natural spectacle that will transport you to paradise.

In addition, you can choose to see the sunset not only from the beach itself, but also from the rocks. Another option is to see it from a boat in the company of your friends or your partner. Whatever you choose, the sunsets at Cala Comete will be imprinted on your retina forever.

Anchorage at Punta Galera

If you want a quieter environment to watch the sunset, Punta Galera is the perfect place. Its access is somewhat difficult, but in return, you can enjoy privacy and tranquility while dismissing the day.

This beach has the particularity of not having sand, you will see the sun fall from a rocky platform. The rocks, in addition to serving as an observation point, participate in the sunset, dying orange. It will be the most magical sunset you’ve ever seen.

Anchor in Las Salinas

If you go to the Natural Park of Ses Salines, you will see how the sun reflects in the salt ponds. You can contemplate the sunset from a completely different place, in harmony with nature. Another advantage is that it is little frequented by tourists, so you are assured of the perfect tranquility for the occasion.

You can not always see the best sunset from the beach, this is the perfect example. A different place for a unique and special sunset.

Anchor in Es Vedrá

Following with unique and special places, the islet of Es Vedrá is one of the favorite places for many to watch the sunset. While the sun sets among colorful orange tones, the Es Vedrá silhouette becomes darker on the sea.

Now you know the best places to see the incredible sunsets in Ibiza. You can rent a boat to know every corner of the island and its unique sunsets.

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