Meet Fjord: one of the best yacht brands in the world

When it comes to luxury yachting, few brands can rival the reputation and prestige of Fjord. For over 60 years, Fjord has been synonymous with innovation, performance, and timeless design.

At Ibiza Boats, we are proud to offer some of the best yachts in Ibiza, including the exceptional models from Fjord.

Join us as we discover what makes Fjord one of the best yacht brands in the world and why chartering a Fjord yacht with Ibiza Boats promises an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure.


the best yacht of ibiza

A legacy of excellence

Fjord’s journey began in the 1950s in Arendal, Norway, where the shipyard specialized in building motorboats. By the 1960s, Fjord had become a dominant force in the European market, employing over 700 people and outpacing other shipyards in the manufacture of motorboats. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation quickly established Fjord as a leader in the industry.

In the late 1970s, Fjord introduced the 28′ Fjord Terne, which became the shipyard’s flagship product. This model’s success solidified Fjord’s position as a prestigious brand, known for its elegant designs and exceptional performance. Throughout the decades, Fjord continued to innovate, expanding its offerings and setting new standards in yacht design and functionality.


the best yacht of ibiza

Fjord and HanseYachts: A perfect partnership

In 2007, Fjord became part of HanseYachts AG, a collaboration that has led to the creation of iconic models and furthered Fjord’s legacy of excellence. One of the first fruits of this partnership was the Fjord 40 Open, an innovative 12-meter yacht capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 knots. This model set a new benchmark for performance and design in the 40-foot category.

The success continued with the launch of the Fjord 36 Open in 2011 and the flagship Fjord 48 Open in 2015. These models, with their impressive accommodations and powerful motorization, have become highly sought after by yacht enthusiasts worldwide.

The introduction of the Fjord 36 Xpress in 2017, the brand’s first outboard model, showcased Fjord’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and performance.

Discover the Fjord range

Today, Fjord offers a range of exceptional yachts that are perfect for discovering the beautiful waters of Ibiza. Here are some of the standout models available:

  • Fjord 36 Tender: Ideal for day trips, this model offers comfort and style, with ample space for relaxation.
  • Fjord 38 Open: A versatile yacht that combines speed with luxury, perfect for both cruising and water sports.
  • Fjord 38 Xpress: Featuring powerful outboard engines, this model delivers thrilling performance and easy maneuverability.
  • Fjord 40 Open: One of Fjord’s most iconic models, known for its unique design and exceptional performance.
  • Fjord 41 Xl: This is one of the company’s latest creations. It presents a modern speedboat, full of luxury, power, and comfort.
  • Fjord 44 Open: Offers spacious areas for entertaining and relaxing, making it a popular choice for social gatherings.
  • Fjord 44 Coupe: Combines the open-air experience with the comfort of a coupe, providing versatility for different weather conditions.
  • Fjord 52 Open: The epitome of luxury, this model offers expansive space and top-of-the-line amenities.


the best yacht of ibiza

¡Experience Fjord with Ibiza Boats!

At Ibiza Boats, we offer a selection of Fjord yachts that allow you to experience the best yachts in Ibiza.

Our fleet is meticulously maintained, ensuring that each yacht provides the ultimate in comfort and performance.

When you charter a Fjord yacht with us, you’re not just renting a boat; you’re embarking on an adventure tailored to your desires.

Ready to experience the best yachts in Ibiza? Contact Ibiza Boats today to book your Fjord yacht charter and start planning your dream Mediterranean adventure.

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