Holidays in Ibiza: Discover the magic of the White Island

If we talk about beach destinations, the world offers us an infinite range of possibilities, from the Greek seas to the American Caribbean. But in Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands, we find an option that has it all: breathtaking landscapes, secret corners to discover, active social and cultural life and first-rate gastronomy. If you dare to choose a nautical charter to spend an unforgettable vacation on the White Island, it is well worth knowing a little more about the curiosities of Ibiza.

When, as travelers, we take the time to investigate in greater depth about the destinations that we will know, our trips become much richer, because in addition to relaxation and enjoyment of the moment, they also become a cultural experience. On board the boat of your preference, you will be able to sail the sea and discover quite interesting lands. Join us on the trip to Ibiza from the waters!

An ancient island


When you decide to tour Ibiza by boat, you will not only be giving yourself the opportunity to discover a paradise of beaches, nightlife and entertainment, but also a place where history is breathed in every corner. The history of the White Island can be traced back to three millennia. Areas with ancient cave paintings and bronze tools have even been found, which show that Ibiza was inhabited for thousands of years.

There are some corners of the island where you can enjoy these living samples of history with your own eyes. Cases such as the Ses Fontanelles cave, in the Sant Antoni area, which houses a small collection of cave paintings, and from where you can also enjoy beautiful coastal views.

The tourist life of Ibiza

Another of the Curiosities of Ibiza is linked to its consolidation as a tourist destination. Regularly, the island is inhabited by just over 147 thousand permanent residents. But in the summer months, vacationers come from all over the world, and this number can exceed even a million and a half people. Precisely because of the great demand that Ibiza has in this regard, it offers exclusive services for travelers who seek to experience a vacation out of the ordinary, such as nautical charters for an unforgettable day, or even a longer vacation.

Streets full of churches

For architecture lovers, Ibiza can be a destination full of surprises. After anchoring your boat in a convenient place, you can stop to walk the island streets. You will find, for example, churches that are witnesses of the different historical episodes of the island. The great Arab mosque that existed in ancient times, was demolished, and on its foundations the current Cathedral of Ibiza was raised, a construction that is well worth knowing. As time passed, other interesting temples were built. The churches of Santa Eulalia, Sant Jordi and San Miguel stand out.

An emblem of the hippie movement

Among the Curiosities of Ibiza, one of the most popular is the one that associates the island with the fun and adrenaline of the nightlife. Indeed, the yachts, the large catamarans, the avenues full of shops of the most famous brands and the branches of the best nightclubs in Europe, consecrate Ibiza as the perfect destination for a luxury vacation.

But in addition to this, Ibiza perfectly combines its luxurious atmosphere, with the relaxation and fun of the hippie movement. Since the 1960s, the island has become a stopping point for hippie artists, musicians and artisans. Many of them stayed, and contributed their lifestyle to the local culture. If you visit Ibiza, you cannot miss the experience of visiting one of the many hippy markets that you will find in its streets.

A cosmopolitan destination

The pearl of the Balearic Islands is deeply rooted in its local culture, its Catalan language and its typical gastronomy, stocked with the richest marine delicacies of the Mediterranean. But at the same time, the island has a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere in which anyone can feel good.

It’s not just about the hippie and artist influence in the sixties, but a much older story. Romans, Greeks, Moors, Catalans and Phoenicians inhabited Ibiza at different times in its history, and their influences have been inherited. If we add to this the millions of travelers who visit Ibiza year after year, we find a fascinating melting pot of cultures.

If you have already made the decision to make your next vacation unforgettable, experience it in Ibiza aboard a boat! Tour the waters of the Mediterranean and know the corners where history and culture will show you its best side. Are you ready?

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