Four secret places in Ibiza that you can reach by boat

Visiting the Balearic Islands and not finding them with an influx of people can be difficult to achieve. However, it is still possible to find secret places in Ibiza, which in addition to tranquility, will give us spectacular landscapes.

How to discover secret places in Ibiza

If we want to discover secret places in Ibiza, we can not follow the rest. These paradisiacal corners are almost always difficult to access, so you have to look for trails without signaling or access by boat .

In almost any case, risk is always worthwhile in these islands, and the secret places in Ibiza will not disappoint anyone. If you want to know this paradise as few do, dare to look for them and let yourself be captivated by the wildest beauty.

Cala Es Portitxol

This cove will delight those who seek remote places in which to enjoy a lot of tranquility. However, either we have a boat to get there, or we like hiking. Since to access the first of our secret places in Ibiza we must do a walk of half an hour. Although it is not difficult to reach it, if we do it in the summer we should be provided with plenty of water.

Es Portitxol is a refuge for fishermen, and we can observe their huts and their boats once we arrive at the cove. With a half moon shape, this natural landscape shows us the most authentic Ibiza.

It’s Vedrà

Es Vedrà is not only one of the secret places in Ibiza, but it is also the most mysterious, and according to some, magical. With about 400 meters above sea level, this islet is only accessible on board a boat. Its perimeter is more than four kilometers, and is the best way to appreciate its beauty. Its ecological value has turned it into a Nature Reserve, in addition to its endemic subspecies of birds and lizards.

However, it is not only one of the secret places in Ibiza because of its difficult access, but because the mysteries that accompany it make that few dare to visit it. Many people claim to have seen strange lights, both around the islet and in the water. Its magnetic radiation has given much to talk, and has come to compare this area with the Bermuda Triangle.

Punta Galera

Next to Cala Salada, on the coast of San Antonio, we find Punta Galera, an area of ​​cliffs with very peculiar views. These rocky platforms break with the traditional image of Ibiza beaches. However, it is one of the quietest areas with less affluence of the island. Since there are no signposted trails to reach and due to its orography, the simplest way to access third parties from our secret places in Ibiza is by boat.


Atlantis is part of the Cala D’Hort Nature Reserve, a place that sea lovers can not easily forget. There we will also find the so-called Buda cave. To access it we must descend through a meadow, or do it by sea aboard a boat. The unevenness of the rocks form small natural pools, as well as a sandstone quarry.

These are some of the secret places in Ibiza that are waiting to be discovered. If you want to enjoy them comfortably, rent a boat and let the sea take you to these paradisiacal destinations.

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