Explore the Mediterranean sailing in Ibiza

boat excursions in ibiza

Boat excursions in Ibiza are the perfect way to discover the most beautiful and hidden corners of the island and enjoy exciting activities at sea.

The island has more than 60 beaches spread over more than 200 kilometers of coastline, with beautiful coves, hidden bays, islets and incredible spaces to explore and fall in love with Ibiza even more.

Boat excursions in Ibiza

When it comes to boats for excursions in Ibiza, there is a wide variety of vessels in which to explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, but the catamaran is one of the most sought after options by visitors.

These vessels offer smooth and stable navigation, making them ideal for those who suffer from seasickness. In addition, their spacious design and outdoor relaxation areas provide a relaxed and comfortable environment to enjoy the scenery and the sun.

The capacity of the catamaran is large; you can easily take a large group of friends or a large family out and have a great day. Generally, when it comes to excursions, catamarans are rented under the day charter modality.

Yachts and speedboats are also another type of boat ideal for excursions, speedboats for their speed and yachts for their comfort and ability to reach any place.

At Ibiza Boats we have a wide fleet of boats ideal for excursions, whether alone, accompanied or for a corporate activity. We can adapt to any number of people and give them an unforgettable excursion around Ibiza.



Recommended destinations for boat trips

Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta: Two idyllic beaches on the west coast of Ibiza, famous for their turquoise waters and unspoiled natural environment. Perfect for snorkeling and enjoying the tranquility of the sea.

They are among the most visited by tourists for their unspoiled environment and undeveloped areas that give way to the greenery of their populated forests and surrounding nature.

Margaritas Islands (Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell): These stunning islets rise majestically out of the sea. Es Vedrá, in particular, is famous for its scenic beauty and mysterious energy.

Es Vedranell, on the other hand, stands out for its lush vegetation. Both islands can be visited by sea or by land.

Es Palmador: A small uninhabited island to the north of Formentera, with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the unspoiled nature.



Activities during the boat trip

During a boat trip in Ibiza there are a variety of exciting activities you can enjoy:

Snorkeling: Discover the colorful and fascinating marine life of Ibiza’s waters while snorkeling at some of the best sites on the island.

Paddle surfing: Explore hidden coves and sea caves on a paddleboard, a fun and relaxing activity for the whole family.

Photo session: Capture unforgettable moments as you sail along Ibiza’s stunning coastline and surroundings, with landscapes that will take your breath away.

Sunset watching: After visiting the main beaches and coves, an excellent activity to end the day is to enjoy the sunset from the deck of the boat.



Recommendations for a boat trip

Planning a boat trip in Ibiza can be exciting, but it also requires some preparation to ensure you have a perfect experience. Here are some recommendations to help you plan your next adventure at sea:

Choose the type of excursion

Decide what type of boat excursion you want: a private tour, a small group or a customized excursion? Consider your preferences and needs to choose the best option.

Choose the type of boat

Choose the type of boat that best suits your plans and preferences. Do you prefer a spacious catamaran, an intimate sailboat or a luxury yacht? Consider the size of your group and your planned activities.

Plan the itinerary

Research the destinations and points of interest you want to visit during your cruise. From secluded beaches to hidden coves, Ibiza has a lot to offer. Choose your favorite places and plan a route that suits your interests.

Check availability

Once you have decided on the date and route of your boat trip, make sure you check availability and book well in advance. This is especially important during high season, when boat tours are often in high demand.

Communicate your preferences

These excursions are usually all-inclusive. If you have any special preferences or dietary needs, be sure to let the boat operator know in advance. Many boat excursion companies are willing to accommodate the needs of their clients.

With spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters and exciting activities, we guarantee you will create unforgettable memories as you explore this Mediterranean paradise from the sea. Get ready to set sail for an unforgettable adventure on the high seas!

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